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About Kos Island

About Kos island

Kos, the island of Hippokrates, the father of medicine, is an island of the Aegean Sea. It has a population of 30,947 inhabitants (2001) and is the third largest island in the Dodecanese area following Rhodes and Karpathos and the second in population after Rhodes. The surface of the island is 290,3 sq km with a beachline of 122 km. Capital of the city is Kos, in which the main harbor of the island is located. It's 200 nautical miles away from Piraeus.

Kos brief layout

It is rich in historical monuments and presents you with a remarkable archaeological and touristic interest.

Today's Kos is a modern touristic island with a gread deal of potential in matters of stay, food, sports, excursions and entertainment. The island was inhabited from the prehistoric times. Was firstly settled from the Kares and in the historic times received Dorees from Argolida.

In the 7th-6th century BC, Kos together with the cities of Knidos, Alikarnassos, Ialisos, Kamiros and Lindos, was the Dorean Eksapolis. In 500 BC it was conquered by the Persians, from which it was liberated in 479 BC and became member of the Athenian Allegiance. It knew great development during the 4th century BC mostly after the establishment of the new city of Kos (366 BC) on the south-eastern end of the island, on the location of today's capital.

In kos was born the father of Medicine, Hippocrates (460 - 357 BC), after whose death the Asklipio was introduced. IT was conquered by the Great Alexander on 366 BC. In the years of the Roman Empire the island declined, but knew great growth in the Byzantine period. It was the conquered by the Saracines (11th century AC), passed to the Genoveze, the Henets and in 1315 tou the Knight of St. John's order. In 1522 it was conquered by the Othomans and in 1912 it passed to the Italians. On October 3rd 1943 it was occupied by the german military and in May 9th 1943 passed to the English.

On March 7th 1948 the merging of the island with Greece's territory took place.

Kos villages

Kos villages are located from east to west of the island. Starting form Kos town we can visit the following villages :
- Zia (mountain village)
- Tigaki (beach village)
- Zipari (on road village)
- Pyli (mountain village)
- Marmari (beach village)
- Antimachia (on road village)
- Mastichari (fish village)
- Kefalos (beach and mountain village)